Trustees of Trust Funds

Hampton, New Hampshire

Capital Reserve Funds

Capital reserve funds and expendable trust funds are monies set aside for a specific Town of Hampton or Hampton Beach Village District Precinct purpose, usually by a vote of the Town or Precinct. These funds are usually expended by a similar vote that explicitly directs spending the funds for the previously-voted purpose..

The individual capital reserve funds and expendable trust funds are:

Investment:  Capital reserve funds must be invested very conservatively because of the short-term time horizon of the projects for which these funds were designated. Usually, the investment is a certificate of deposit for a specified period of time, or a money market fund. Click to see the Investment Policy for capital reserves.  Details about the capital reserve fund portfolio may be obtained by contacting any of the trustees.

Accounting: Accounting for capital reserve funds requires the separation of principal and income. When a capital reserve fund is created, money is transferred to the Trustees as the initial corpus of the capital reserve fund.  As the fund earns interest, the interest is booked as "income."

Disbursement:  When a capital reserve fund has met its purpose, the principal and income is disbursed according to a Town or Precinct vote.

Capital Reserves RSAs: Click here for the RSAs relating to capital reserves.