Trustees of Trust Funds

Hampton, New Hampshire

Center of Hampton
circa 1962

Hampton Trust Funds Steeped in History

The original funding for a number of Hampton's trust funds were donated by well-respected citizens for specific purposes. The Lane Memorial Library, for example, is named for members of the Lane Family. There are four trust funds given by Lane Family members that are managed by the Trustees of the Trust Funds. The Library Trust Funds provide annual income to the Lane Library..

The Trustees

The Trustees of Trust Funds are volunteer citizens who serve in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of the citizens of the Town to manage the money entrusted to them. This web site is dedicated to all of the past trustees who have served with integrity in carrying out their role in Hampton's history.

The Trusts

There are approximately eighty-six trusts and capital reserve funds managed by the Trustees. The oldest trust dates back to 1871. The total money in the trust and capital reserve funds is over $26 million.

Trustees Responsibilities

  • Safeguard the money in the trust funds.
  • Comply with the provisions of the documents establishing the trusts.
  • Approve an investment policy for the trust funds annually.
  • Invest the funds according to the investment policy.
  • Pay out the income and the principal according to the trust documents.
  • Prepare and submit annual reports to the Town and to the State of NH.