Trustees of Trust Funds

Hampton, New Hampshire

Cemetery Maintenance Trust  Fund

First Established:  1986, Article 26: To see if the Town will vote to establish a burial ground trust fund under the provisions of RSA 31:19-a to be administered by the Trustees of Trust Funds, the interest from which shall be withdrawn annually and used for the maintenance of cemeteries. PASSED

Name of the fund changed from Cemetery Burial Trust Fund to Cemetery Maintenance Trust Fund.

Purpose: To bury residents of Hampton and to provide funds for cemetery maintenance.

To view prior year-end Balance see the Reports page for the MS-9 Report.

Investment Policy: Invest in conservative instruments.

Current Investment:  50/50 stock/bond mix

Income Distributions:  Income is provided to the Town of Hampton annually in January to be used for the maintenance of cemeteries.

Principal Distributions:  Generally, none. However, this is an expendable trust fund under RSA 31:19-a, which means that the principal may be used in the future to buy more cemetery land.