Trustees of Trust Funds

Hampton, New Hampshire

Hampton Beach Village District
Playground & Beach Area Improvements
Capital Reserve Fund

First Established:  March 28, 2003.  Click here for Meeting Minutes. Click here for the history of the playground.

Discontinuation:  On March 28, 2014, the Hampton Beach Village District voters passed Article III, which discontinued the Playground Equipment Capital Reserve Fund.  The proceeds in the fund were deposited in the HBVD general fund.

Purpose: To improve the Hampton Beach Playground and other Beach area items.

2014 Year-end Balances:  Principal $0; Income $0.

Investment Policy: Invest in conservative instruments.

Current Investment:  NH Trustees of Trust Funds Capital Reserve Fund portfolio.

Income Distributions:  Precinct Commissioners act as agents for the District.

Principal Distributions:  Precinct Commissioners act as agents for the District.